like your spouse as much as you love him

like your spouse as much as you love him

3 Tips To Help Your Teen Overcome Their Drug Problems

Lieve Boekholt

Do you have a teen who is struggling with a drug problem? For many parents, there is no greater fear than the one that their child may end up addicted to drugs. A drug addiction can derail your child's bright future, and possibly even lead them to jail or an early death. Compounding matters, drug addiction can often be a very stubborn problem to overcome. This is especially true if the child is deeply addicted to a hardcore narcotic. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help. Below are three tips to help you help your child overcome their drug problem:

Listen to them. While your child may have originally experimented with drugs out of curiosity, they likely became addicted due to some deeply held pain or insecurity. They may feel that they can't talk to you, or that if they do, you won't listen or care. Let them know that you want to be there for them and you want to listen. Also tell them that you won't judge or reprimand them. If they do confide in you, be sure to keep your promise. As hard as it may be, resist the urge to give them your opinion or tell them what to do. Instead, just listen. If you do, you may understand the root of their problem, which can help you help them find a solution.

Offer distractions. People who are addicted to drugs often forget what life was like before they used drugs. They may even think that drugs has somehow made their life better. Take any opportunity you can to get them away from their current situation and experience life as it was before they started using. Take them to a local sporting event or festival. Go on a weekend getaway or head out of town to visit family. Head to the beach for a few days. Just get them away from their friends, their dealer, and their current situation. That will give them a chance to reconnect with family, experience life without drugs, and consider the idea of recovery.

Suggest, but don't force, a treatment program. Obviously, you probably want to get your teen into a treatment program. However, a treatment program may not be effective if the teen really doesn't want to be there. They need to go because they want to recover, not because you forced them to go. Let them know that treatment is an option and that you will help them with anything they need to get treatment. If they're open to the idea, possibly even take them to meet with a counselor. However, make sure they've opened their mind to the idea of getting off drugs.

For more information, contact a teen addiction treatment center in your area, like Children's Home of NKY or a similar location. They can offer more tips on how you can help your child.


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