like your spouse as much as you love him

like your spouse as much as you love him

3 Tips If You Think Your Child Needs Professional Counseling

Lieve Boekholt

If your child is going through a difficult period because of trouble at home or at school, he or she may stand to benefit from a session or two with a child counseling professional. If you have never taken your child to counseling before and are not sure where to begin, here are some tips that might help.

Pick the Right Counselor

The first thing you need to do is make sure the counselor you select is qualified to meet your child's specific needs. Some counselors specialize in specific areas, like divorce or bullying. Keep your child's specific situation in mind as you go forward. The school guidance counselor at your school might have a list of local therapists and counseling services if you are not sure where to begin. When interviewing a potential counselor, ask to see any certificates or degrees that they have and ask how experienced they are with your child's specific issue.

Use Positive Language

When speaking to your child about their first counseling session, maintain a positive attitude. A younger child may think there is something "wrong" with them if they have to go and see someone besides their parents to talk about the problem. Explain that the counselor is someone they can trust as well as someone who is going to help them get through whatever it is the child needs help with.

Don't Butt In Unless Asked

Some counselors make the parents a part of the therapy process and you may be asked to be in the room during the visit. But if not, you should be patient with the counselor and give him or her the space they need to do their job. Some parents can be overprotective of their children, especially when the kid is going through a hard time. If you keep interfering with the counseling process, you might end up doing your child more harm than good.

When your child returns from the session, you can ask questions about what they talked about but don't get upset if your child doesn't want to discuss everything in detail. Sometimes it's easier for a child to speak to a different adult than their parents when it comes to difficult issues. Your counselor will reach out to you if needed and you can of course ask any questions you may have.

Sending your child to counseling does not have to be traumatic. Just find the right counselor for the job and maintain a positive attitude. Reach out to a local child counseling pro or visit a site like for more information.


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like your spouse as much as you love him

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