like your spouse as much as you love him

like your spouse as much as you love him

Ways That a Musician Can Handle Post-Tour Depression

Lieve Boekholt

For a professional musician, there are few things that are as thrilling as touring. Time spent on the road performing your music night after night for excited audiences is the reward for the often-agonizing months that you've spent writing and recording your album. Although some tours can be lengthy, they all come to an end eventually—and that may leave you battling a mental health issue such as depression once you get off the road. The weeks and months after a tour can be challenging as you no longer have the highs of playing live, and you may feel really down. Here are some ways that a musician can handle post-tour depression.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

One of the challenges of being on tour is that you're away from many of the people you care about. After your tour concludes, one of the ways to deal with the depression that may be rearing its head is to spend time with loved ones. Family and friends can go a long way toward elevating your mood and helping you transition back to the daily routine that you enjoyed before the tour began. In considering those around you, try to focus the bulk of your time on those who have an upbeat disposition. Friends who perhaps have their own battles with depression may not be an asset.

Find a Creative Outlet

A creative pursuit can be an effective way to deal with depression. As a musician, your first instinct might be to find something musical to occupy your time. You don't necessarily have to start trying to write music for your band, though. Many musicians have side projects that allow them to be creative without the pressure of creating music for their primary group. Perhaps there's another genre of music that interests you. You may find that jamming with some different musicians is a good way to manage your mental health after you're off the road.

Keep Physically Active

Physical activity can be a good way to battle the symptoms of depression. Although performing can be a workout for some musicians, the reality is that being on tour is often sedentary. You may even have gained some weight, which could be further contributing to your mental health issues. Try to get physically active, whether that means joining some neighbors for morning runs around your area or enrolling in a yoga program or kickboxing academy.

Of course, if you're battling depression, you should also seek help from a mental health professional. Call a mental health treatment center today for more information or assistance.


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