like your spouse as much as you love him

like your spouse as much as you love him

  • You're Interracial Marriage Is Struggling: How To Mend It

    The highly mixed nature of American culture has led to an increase in interracial marriages. This is a bold step for civil rights, but it is one that doesn't come without problems. If you and your interracial partner are struggling with problems, it can feel hard to overcome them. Thankfully, it is possible. Perception Problems Can Plague You Interracial marriages are often plagued by problems that are typically caused by the way other people perceive your relationship.

  • Work Tips For Managing ADHD As An Adult

    When you are an adult with ADHD, you might find certain tasks or activities difficult to get through in a timely manner. Luckily, because you are an adult, you likely have coping mechanisms to manage your ADHD and ensure that, despite any troubles that you might have, you are still able to get the job done. Here are some additional tips for managing your ADHD. 1. Use Color Coded Lists if Your Are Visually Oriented

  • 3 Tips To Help Your Teen Overcome Their Drug Problems

    Do you have a teen who is struggling with a drug problem? For many parents, there is no greater fear than the one that their child may end up addicted to drugs. A drug addiction can derail your child's bright future, and possibly even lead them to jail or an early death. Compounding matters, drug addiction can often be a very stubborn problem to overcome. This is especially true if the child is deeply addicted to a hardcore narcotic.

  • Understanding Treatment Options For Depression

    For many suffering with clinical depression the challenge before them can seem insurmountable, as work, relationships and personal goals seem to produce an ever increasing volume of disappointment. It's important to understand that no two people will have the same response to most treatments, whether you or someone you care about is struggling with depression. Keeping an open mind is important, as dismissing any potential solution merely reduces likelihood of successfully overcoming depression.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For The Treatment Of Anxiety And Depression

    Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a therapy model used to treat both anxiety and depression in clients. While medications can be used in conjunction with CBT, the heart of this treatment is through working with a therapist in ongoing counseling to address behaviors and learn new ways to react to stressful situations. The goal is to learn coping mechanisms, but also to retrain the brain from negative thought patterns to a thought process that is more productive.

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like your spouse as much as you love him

I knew that I loved my husband, but I was having a very difficult time liking him most days. My husband acted much like an overgrown teenager expecting me to do everything for him. He couldn't be bothered to put his trash in the trash can, or put his dirty laundry in the hamper or even carry his dirty dishes to the sink so that I could wash them. After about 18 years of this behavior, I finally had to find someone to go to for help. We started seeing a counselor to try to find a way for me to like him again. It has helped some. My blog will show you a few ways that counseling can help you like your spouse as much as you love him or her.